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KS2 programmes

Half day

£9 per child
Minimum £135

Full day

£15 per child
Minimum £225

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John Muir award - premium residential

3-4 nights

Our premium residential programme offers the nationally recognised John Muir ‘Discovery’ Award through 4 or 5 days of experiential Environmental Education. It’s a wonderful opportunity, designed to encourage people to discover wild places, and is structured around 4 challenges (Discover, Explore, Share & Conserve) that encourage connecting with and caring for the natural world. Find out more about the Award here, or watch this video for more info:

We tailor the Award to integrate four crucial ecological concepts that embed an understanding of how Earth’s life systems work (Energy, Cycles, Connection & Time), and incorporate activities such as Earth Walks, Sit Spots, Fire Lighting & Cooking on an open fire, Shelter Building, Plant Lore & Foraging, Wide Games, Natural Art & Bush Craft Skills. Your group will also visit the award-winning RSPB Minsmere to find out more about Investigating Coasts & Discovering Birds.

This immersive and challenging programme brings so many benefits for students: not only in terms of embedding Geography & Science, but encouraging active Citizenship, personal and social skills, team work, and increased wellbeing.

Bushcraft and survival

Full day

Tinder selection, fire making with a spark, cordage making, natural dyes, cooking on the fire, shelter building using forked poles, and if time grass basket making. Students will use natural resources and identify useful materials.


Science, emotional literacy, PSHE citizenship, art, English


Full day, or 2 day SEAL Team Builder

Child centred and child led activities. The group find themselves shipwrecked and only a few items have washed up on the shore line. What now? Who makes the decisions? The children decide, using different decision making models on what they would need to survive and then put ideas into action. Shelter building, water purifying, cooking on the fire, fire lighting, tinder collection, nettle string making and water containers could all be a part of ‘Survival Camps’ needs.


Science, emotional literacy (decision making and team building), pshe citizenship, art, English

Stone age day

Full day

Travel back in time to discover Om and Aa, where they forage the woodland, light fires and discover stone age skills. Comparing tools from the present time to Stone age times, natural paints, and cave art. Recommended up to Y4/5.


Supports science, history, geography, emotional literacy, art, English, PHSE

Creature comforts

3 day residential

Exploring 3 different plant and animal habitats - enjoy pond dipping with Lily, woodland exploration with Robin the birdwatcher, and Flora the plant expert in the meadow. Use investigation and activities to discover how animals and plants have adapted to survive.


Geography, literacy, communication

Once upon a time

Half day - can be linked with Woodland Theatre for a full day

A mix of story-telling, drama and woodland immersion based around stories of your choice. Recent stories have included well-loved traditional tales such as Red Riding Hood. Recommended up to Y4.


Communication, English, drama

Woodland theatre

Half day - can be linked to Once Upon a Time for a full day

The day starts with a walk around the woods and some ‘old wives tales, then continues with traditional tales told around the fire, story and character creating and concludes with puppeteers and narrators performing a show in a theatre they have built in the woods. Recommended up to Y4.


Communication, art, drama, English

Home sweet home

1 or 2 night residential

Meet the Mayor of Ringsfield, find a job within the community, discover your habitat before disaster strikes and they end up in community court. Through role play and habitat investigation, children discover interrelationship and adaptation.


Science (habitats and ecosystems), emotional literacy, PSHE citizenship, art, English

Earth walks & earth art

Half or full day

Based on seasonal skills, sensory walks and foraging for natural materials. Activities could include Symphony of Sounds, Bug Hunting in the Basements, or creating Smelly Cocktails. Creating seasonal natural arts which could involve paints, body art, clay work, creating 2D and 3D sculptures or looms in the trees.


Art, PHSE, science

Forest school-style day

Half or full day

Child led sessions based solely around the Forest School ethos, building confidence and gaining life skills. Activities such as shelter building, natural crafts, firelighting and much more.


Decision making, communication and personal organisational skills (PHSE)

We're also happy to craft and tailor a programme to suit your group, just let us know.